Love INC Success Stories

By the support of local partner churches, Love INC Clearinghouse Call Center opened on July 11, 2007. Here are a few of the people helped by this new ministry.

Red Square  A mother with an adopted autistic son contacted Love INC. Her husband was on the slope and their car was broken down and they did not have the money to take it to the shop. She needed her car for many Anchorage appointments for her adopted son’s care. A local Love INC volunteer was proud to use the talent that God gave him to fix her car and get this busy mom back on the road.

Red Square  A disabled mom found out about a vocational rehabilitation program that will help her learn some new skills. We followed-up with this mom, and she is so excited about her classes. It’s giving her a new hope for life. She was also helped by a local teen serving as a Love INC volunteer. She had furniture in boxes marked "some assembly required" but had lost the instructions. The teen was able to figure out this challenge and deliver the furniture back with a smile.

Red Square  A mother called, whose mother had a stroke recently, so she couldn’t work and she needed school supplies for high schoolers. Although there are many school supply drives going on, and they usually involve crayons, Love INC contacted Wal-Mart and they gave a $100 gift certificate. A Love INC volunteer used the gift certificate to purchase everything from tennis shoes to scientific calculators for three kids. She was able to use her God given talent of shopping for bargains and bought all the needed supplies, which totaled $99.82 of the $100 gift certificate.

Red Square  A wife of a deployed soldier got a call from her husband’s commander in Iraq. Her husband was severely injured and she called Love INC immediately. The army had not yet told her that her husband would not be shipped here for medical services, so she called asking for Love INC to build a wheelchair ramp and make her home wheelchair accessible.

Love INC immediately contacted a trauma surgeon and former VA and army doctor; he explained the process of the surgeries involved and that these surgeries could not be done here but at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Our Executive Director went over to this family’s home and helped this wife prepare for joining her husband at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

A Love INC Volunteer, whose husband was also injured while deployed, is ready to share her experience of how God helped their family when going through the same thing. These two families have many similarities: they both have twins and she speaks fluent Spanish. The mother of the injured soldier only speaks Spanish.

Please join us in praying that this injured soldier stays infection-free and remains strong through the many more surgeries to go. Love INC will need many volunteers to support this family; we are in search of volunteers that can help with modifications to the family’s house.

Red Square  Love INC received a call from a Neighbor in Need - a woman who was hoping to find resources for food. She had a house fire. The whole kitchen and cabinets had been destroyed. The military airmen’s attic replaced household items but she had nine children to feed. Love INC volunteers verified her need immediately and a partner church opened their freezer to her. She received salmon and moose meat, as well as other groceries. She received prayer as well as food. On a Love INC follow-up call, she exclaimed, "I praise God for you people at Love INC. And as for the fire we went through, I praise God we only lost things, not loved ones. Praise the Lord!"

Red Square  A woman without health insurance called. She didn’t have the money to pick up her blood pressure medication. Love INC volunteers helped her find a program to get medication at a much reduced rate and a church ministry paid for the immediate need for medication.

Red Square  A daughter called, worried and extremely concerned about her mother in California who was sick with E. coli. She wanted her daughter, mother of two school-age children, to come be with her in California.

One of the Love INC volunteers in the office that day was a nurse, who was able to help the daughter understand her mother’s medical prognosis and the home health care that would be provided to her mother. Love INC called the mother in California and prayed with her. Four young children serving as Love INC volunteers will be sending their homemade cards to encourage this sick lady in California. A 72 year-old music teacher is putting together a special tape of music. She is encouraging other church members to join in singing, including the four little girls making cards. This is the very music that inspired her during the ten years that she was housebound.

In a call to the mother, she said, "I need to move to Alaska, so I can be near my daughter and can meet these wonderful people who show the love of Christ by being so sweet to care for someone so far away." On a follow-up call to the daughter, she said "Thank you! My mom is now reminded that God is always with her, even when I am not. But she’s now willing to consider moving to Alaska and it’s my desire to bring her closer to my home." This worried daughter is now at peace and said "You did great," and she shouted, "I Love JESUS!"

God has designed each one of us and purposefully blessed us with
skills, gifts, and abilities.

We are asking you to prayerfully consider sharing your talents to glorify God.

Maybe the next Love Story will involve you,
either how you were helped, or how you helped a Neighbor in Need!

When we reach out to others using our spiritual gifts and talents, we build up the Body of Christ, and find fulfillment and peace.

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